We started to work on design and manufacturing back in 1989, and since then Alacrity Exports has been the paramount of quality and excellence in Fashion, Apparel and Home textile industry. We are not just your traditional manufacturer but a design workshop with mass manufacturing capabilities. We thrive on new innovative techniques and creative relationships, which we develop exclusively for each one of our clients. That is one of the biggest reasons why clients who start work with us stay with us for many years.

Our sustained commitment to sustainable and upcycled fashion and textile segment has led our products to the shelves of luxury retailers like Takashimaya, Neiman Marcus and mass retailers like Target, Walmart and many more around the world. We are trusted manufacturing partners for many companies from Japan, United States, France, UK and many more countries, creating a benchmark of consistent quality and vast array of expertise within the Fashion, Apparel and Home textile segment.

Most of all, Alacrity Exports has always been more than a company. A family committed to its employees and its customers. We will never ask you to forgo any of your existing relationships with your supply chain, but we welcome you to come with us and create new exciting products that will become industry benchmarks, like we have done ever since 1989.

Thank you and best regards,

Amit Kumar

Chairman & Managing Director

Alacrity Exports Private Limited